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    Name:JP75/300 boom cart

    Time:2015-7-27 15:08:14
    Product Name: JP75-300 truss type capstan sprinkling machine

    I. Summary

        JP series capstan sprinkling machine is a sprinkling device that winds the traction PE pipe around the capstan, and drives the water turbine to rotate with the sprinkling pressure water. Then it drives the capstan to rotate via the speed transmission device, and pulls the sprinkler wagon to move and spray freely.It has advantages such as convenient to move, simple operation, labor-saving and time-saving, irrigation with high precision, good water-saving effect, strong adaptability and so on, which can effectively provide crops the water needed and increase the yield.

        JP series capstan type sprinkling machine can not only irrigate large areas of farmland, but also can control the water flow according to the size of the amount of the water sprayed, to meet the different requirements of users on sprinkling water amount. It is the optimal choice of water-saving irrigation on farmland. At the same time, it also applies to the power plant, port, sports field, urban green areas and other areas that require dust free sprinkling operations.

         In addition to the general function of the capstan sprinkling machine, Truss type capstan sprinkling machine also has unique characteristics below: low working pressure; energy saving; multiple nozzles with small spraying water droplets and high water distribution uniformity; small impact influence of crops and soil; little influence by wind; installed and disassembled at scene taken only 6 minutes each time. In particular, it is suitable for the region with strong wind power and the cultivation of economic crops.

        Grasp a full understanding of the structure, working principle, maintenance and its methods of the capstan sprinkling machine, so as to guarantee the normal use of the equipment, ensuring the safe operation of equipment,  and avoiding the occurrence of accidents. As long as it is operated under the relevant provisions within this instruction, the mechanical failure can be reduced and avoided, and can maximally prolong the service life of the machine. Therefore, users should read this manual in detail before the operation, which will play a positive role in 
    the extension of the service life of the machine and the failure free operation.

    Ⅱ. Model description

    Ⅲ. Performance and basic parameters

    Performance and basic parameters seen as Figure 1 and Table 1

    Note: the AS26 truss / refraction nozzle / control band width of 34m; AS26 truss/ refraction nozzle + rock arm type sprinkler control band width of 36m

    PE pipe diameter x Length
    weight (without water)
    Wheel tread / chassis

    Effective spraying length
    Total length (including the sprinkling wagon)
    Ground distance

    Nozzle flow

    The maximum width under the maximum wheel distance

    High connection point

    inlet pressure
    Total height
    Nozzle distance

    Nozzle diameter L.
    Total length( excluding the sprinkling wagon) U.噴頭車輪胎/輪網
    Nozzle car tire / wheel net

    weight (with water)
    Chassis wheelbase

    Ⅳ. Structure and principle

    The JP series capstan type sprinkling machine, designed, developed and produced by Jiangsu Water Irrigation and Drainage Equipment Co. Ltd, has seven specifications by the diameter of PE pipe: JP40, JP50, JP65, JP75, jp90 and JP100, etc. Their working principles are all the water turbine driving the capstan to push the sprinkling wagon to realize the automatic spraying. In order to make it convenient for users on the use and maintenance, we adopt the standardized and series design. In particular, the axial flow type water turbine and the double speed multiple functional speed reducer that we use can be applied to a variety of different models of sprinkling machine. This is very much convenient for the production and maintenance, and is conducive to the exchange of products. (JP40 and JP50 are exchangeable: JP65 and JP100 are exchangeable).

    4.1 Working principle

        JP series capstan type sprinkling machine adopts the vortex type power drive system which is easy to operate and durable. It is uniquely designed with large section and low pressure, which enables it to reach a higher collecting rate even at a very much lower flow rate. The rotary speed of the water turbine leads from the vortex axle, into the reducer via a two-speed belt drive device. After the speed is being reduced, a powerful torque is produced via the transmission of chain to drive the capstan to rotate, so as to realize the automatic collecting of the PE pipe.Meanwhile, the high pressure water that outflows from the water turbine is directly transmitted to the sprinkler head via PE pipe, and the sprinkler head has the high pressure water evenly sprayed upon the crops, scattered into small droplets and fallen evenly. The sprinkling operations continue with the movement of the PE pipe. 

         The shaft of the adjustable tongue plate is connected through the ball joint and a laminated compensation mechanism. With the change of the effective diameter of the winch and the friction resistance of the PE pipe when the sprinkling machine is at work, the laminated compensation rod of the PE pipe automatically adjust the opening degree of the adjustable tongue plate, so as to ensure the recovery speed of PE pipe and maintain the constant speed in winding, so as to realize the purpose of even spraying with automatic adjustment on speed.

    4.2 Main structure

        The main components of JP series capstan type sprinkling machine include the two-wheeled chassis with turning 270 degrees , frame, capstan, PE pipe of special trait, multiple functional transmission device, axial flow type water turbine, guiding device and automatic speed adjusting device, sprinkling wagon, auxiliary pump car, etc.

    4.2.1 PE pipe of special trait

        It is a new high-tech product which does not only has high tensile strength, good abrasion resistance, but also has excellent resistance to environmental stress and cracking performance, and high safety factor, with service life more than 10 years. It is connected with the capstan on the one end, and connected with the sprinkler wagon on the other end.
    4.2.2 Axial flow water turbine:

        It is the key part of the whole irrigation machine with anti corrosion and high efficiency. It mainly consists of the turbine, turbine shaft, shell, elbow and the tongue with key parts made of stainless steel. The amount of water flow for its design is 13-60m3/h. It has a wide control area with the impeller speed 200-800 rpm.

        Adjust the flow into the water turbine through the control of the adjusting rod, to achieve the non-graded speed change of the recovery speed. The speed reads from the speed tachometer (optional). According to the size of the water supply device and pressure, it can be adjusted from 8 meters per hour to 150 meters per hour, but the pressure can not exceed 1.1MPa at most. 

    4.2.3 Multiple functional transmission device:

        It is six-level gear rotation with two-level speed variation. The power is transmitted from the water turbine to the capstan through the pagoda shaped belt wheel, transmission gearbox, and the chain. To avoid the rapid reversal of the capstan when the PE pipe gets collected to one end, it is installed with a belt type brake device. This device can block all the power by hand.

    4.2.4 Guiding device and speed adjusting device: The guiding device is the drive device composed of wire rod with taper thread and nut. Through its shifting and change of direction, it ensures the PE pipe arranged in neat rows in each layer. The speed adjusting device is a special kind of compensation mechanism, which is driven by the speed compensation lever mounted on the off frame. The compensation lever pulls the adjusting tongue plate of the water turbine to achieve the purpose of automatic speed regulation.

    4.2.5 Sprinkler wagon

    The sprinkler wagon is the mechanism equipped with two wheels and the installation of sprinklers,pulled by PE tube to do sprinkling. The sprinkler can be automatically lifted to the transport position at the end of each irrigation, and the transmission system is automatically closed by the connecting rod. 
    When the sprinkler wagon is automatically lifted and drive off, it will be covered by transport protection rack. If the machine is equipped with a shut - off valve, water will also be closed. When all the parts are turned off, the machine can be moved to the next working place to work. 

    4.2.6 Pump Truck

        JP series capstan type sprinkling machine adopts a one-time water lift irrigation. Its water can be supplied by pressure pipe or water pipe. The water pump can be powered by diesel engines, motors and tractors. According to China's rural water sources and power types, four kinds of power match form have been developed so far. Users can choose one according to their needs, and they can also be self-provided according to the performance requirements of the machine.

        Four kinds of matched form: I. Well pump-pressure pipe water supply, it is suitable for well irrigation area and it requires the power supply facilities. It uses the submersible pump for the indium well use (see Figure 3) ;
     Ⅱ.Electric pump-pressure pipe water supply, equipped with electric pump truck and Y series three-phase asynchronous powered motor. It applies to the irrigation for farmland with power supply facilities (see Figure 4);
     Ⅲ.Pump-pressure pipe water supply, equipped with tractor pump truck. It makes use of the power of the tractor itself to drive the water pump. The water pump and speed increaser are fixed on the car. The tractor engine power output shaft directly drive the water pump through the force of universal joint (see Figure 5); Ⅳ. Diesel pump-pressure pipe water supply, equipped with diesel pump truck. It applies to the farmland with no power supply facilities and tractor power hard to use (see Figure 6).

        Of the above mentioned four kinds of power match forms, the suction pipe can use synthetic rubber hose, thin wall galvanized steel pipe, and the outlet pipe can use high-pressure fiber plastic tube or thin walled galvanized steel pipe. Equipped with hook type quick connector, it is flexible in operation and well sealed. 

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