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    Name:JP50/220 hose reel irrigation machine

    Time:2015-12-16 9:16:20
    Product Name: mobile type sprinkling machine -JP50/220 capstan type sprinkling machine

    I. Summary

        JP series light capstan type sprinkling machine is a new generation product in irrigation field developed by Jiangsu Water Irrigation and Drainage Equipment CO. Ltd. after years of experience in producing the capstan type sprinkling machine. It can be applied in the irrigation of farmland, stadium, golf course, football field, lawn, grassland, park, garden and various crops.

        The water turbine driving device that is highly efficient, energy saving, reliable and simple has low working pressure, compact structure, simple operation and large irrigation area. In order to prolong the service life, all structural components are all processed with hot-dip galvanizing.

        One should fully understand the structure, working principle, maintenance and its method of the light reel type sprinkling machine, so as to ensure the reliability of the machine, and avoid dangerous accidents. As long as it is in strict compliance with the relevant provisions of this manual, it can reduce and avoid the emergence of machine failure in the irrigation season, and to extend the life of the machine to the utmost.

        It has always been the spirit of Jiangsu Water Irrigation and Drainage Equipment CO. Ltd. in production and management with careful design and manufacture, and strict quality management and first-rate service. By providing high-quality JP series light capstan type sprinkling machine, Jiangsu Water Irrigation and Drainage Equipment CO. Ltd. is ready to make greater contributions to the cause of water-saving irrigation in China.

    The performance and basic parameters of the product mentioned in this manual shall comply with the requirements of the "GB10395.18- 2010" standard.

    Ⅱ. Model description

    Ⅲ. Performance and basic parameters

    See table two, table three, table

    Basic Parameters Table One

    Performance Parameters Table Two

    Ⅳ. Structure and working principle

    I).Main structure

        JP series light capstan type sprinkling machine mainly consists of frame, winch, PE pipe of trait, water vortex runner drive transmission device, guiding device, safety device, sprinkler wagon and the matched power part. In the series, though there are different models of the sprinkling machine, they have a lot of common structural elements, especially the impact type water turbine and gear box part, they can be applied to various types of light capstan type sprinkling machine.

    1. Rack: it is the basic unit of the whole sprinkling machine, welded by rectangular pipe, with better steel. All structural parts are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, with good corrosion resistance.

    2. PE pipe of trait: it is the newest high-tech products, and possesses high tensile strength, good wear resistance, pressure resistance, environmental stress cracking, high safety factor and other characteristics, with service life for more than 10 years. It is connected to the reel on one end, and supply water through the horizontal axis, the other end is connected with the sprinkler wagon.

    3. Impact type water turbine: it is the heart of the whole sprinkling machine, mounted on the rear end of the machine frame. It has the characteristics of small hydraulic loss, high efficiency, and simple structure and so on.  The drive shaft is made of stainless steel, mechanically sealed at shaft seal, and does not require maintenance and lubrication. The designed speed is 100一700r/min, the water yield for 3―20m3/h. In order to ensure the water turbine speed and output power within a certain range, and do everything possible to reduce the hydraulic losses, the turbine nozzle should match the sprinkler nozzle. 

    The matching relationship between the two types of nozzles is shown in the following table, offering choices for users to match.

    4. Speed reducer: it is a standard cone enveloping cylindrical worm reducer, the number is WDF73 - 60 – 1.

    5. Guiding device: it is about a thread guide rod and mobile driver, and it can ensure each layer is neatly rolled up when the PE pipe is collected automatically.

    6. Speed regulating device: it is mainly composed of PE pipe press roller, swing rod, and a ball valve. With the rotation of the reel, PE pipe is wound on the reel. The effective diameter increases with each round of layer, so does the line speed. To ensure the line speed is consistent, that is to make the sprinkler wagon walking speed consistent with the depth of precipitation. The opening degree of the ball valve varies with the moving of the pressure rod and the swing rod, so the energy of the water flow impacting the impeller automatically changes. (JP40 type is not equipped with such structure).

    7. Safety device: it is a linkage. When the irrigation terminates, the sprinkler wagon is automatically lifted to the transport position and hit against the safety rod, to make the clutch of the transmission device automatically disengaged and thus the reel stops running. When there is some unpredictable phenomenon, one can pull it apart with hand holding clutch, to realize the emergent blocking of the PE pipe collecting. 

    8. Braking device: it is manual double disc brake, mounted on one side of the reel, to prevent the PE pipe from loose fault due to the rotation energy being too big and the reel continuing to rotate when the PE pipe is abruptly stopped in its stretching. To prevent the reel from shaking in the transportation process, a paw type stopping device is set up. The ratchet pawl is inserted in the middle of the chain to put the reel in the braking state.

    9. Sprinkler wagon: it is of symmetric wheel structure. In order to make the PE pipe stretch conveniently, it is equipped with a pull hook.

    10. Pump car (auxiliary power): it has four kinds of power matching mode. The user can choose either one according to its needs, but can also provide by the user itself according to the requirements of the machine performance.

    Ⅱ) Working principle

    JP series light capstan type sprinkling machine adopts the water wheel drive system which is easy to operate and durable.

        The water turbine is blade impact type. Install a nozzle in the turbine inlet, and the energy of impact type water turbine can be altered by changing the diameter of the nozzle. It can produce the energy needed for collecting the PE pipe at very low flow rate. Speed leads from the vortex axle, and the driving device is introduced into the speed reducer via a two speed section of the belt. The turbine of the reducer decreases the speed of the water turbine, and produce powerful torque through chain transmission to drive the reel to rotate, to realize the automatic collecting of the PE pipe. Meanwhile, high pressure water flow is transmitted to the nozzle via PE pipe. The nozzle evenly spray the high pressure water flow over the crops and the water flow is scattered into small drops and fall evenly. The spraying goes on with the moving of the PE pipe. 

        There are two valve devices in the front of the water turbine. The flow of the water turbine can be changed by adjusting the opening degree of the big valve, and the water turbine speed changes, so does the moving speed of the PE pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of different depth of precipitation. The other small valve is connected with automatic adjustment. When the sprinkling machine is at work, with the change of the effective diameter and the PE pipe load mill resistance, the speed of the line from the reel winding around the PE pipe also changes accordingly. In order to achieve good spraying quality, and to make the collecting rate of the lines between PE layer consistent, the automatic speed regulating device on the disc can change the driving force with the change of the effective diameter of the reel. The pendulum rod and the connecting rod in the nip roll control the small valve opening, so as to control the water flow passing through the turbine, and realize the purpose of automatic speed control. The valve connecting rod has several adjustment holes to adjust the valve opening. JP40 type sprinkling machine can not automatically regulate the mechanism due to the reel diameter being small, and the PE pipe length being short. The transmission system principle is shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

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