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    The use and maintenance of irrigation agricultural system
    Time:2015-6-5 10:03:51                  Click:1482

    Sprinkler irrigation is the development of water-saving irrigation in agriculture is an important technical measures, has been the promotion of large area in the arid region of our country, in the sustained and steady increase of agriculture play an important role. But to better play the advantages of sprinkler irrigation system in the field, must also be in the correct use and maintenance aspects pay attention to the following questions.

    (1) before use should check whether the nozzle vertical vertical, support is stable. Standpipe is not vertical will affect the nozzle rotating reliability and content distribution uniformity; stent installation is not stable, operation in May will be dumping water spray nozzle force and damage the nozzle.

    (2) before the start, first check to stem, branch pipe on the valve is closed, and then start the pump, until after the pump to reach the rated speed, slowly in order to open valve and each branch pipe on the valve, to ensure the pump starts in low load, to avoid overloading, and can prevent the vibration of pipeline caused by water hammer.

    (3) operation should always pay attention to all kinds of pressure of monitoring irrigation system, requirements stem tube hydraulic loss should not exceed the economic value; pipe pressure decreased shall not exceed 20% of the maximum pressure of pipe.

    (4) in the sprinkler operation to monitor the sprinkler irrigation intensity is appropriate and may not produce runoff and water at the request of the soil surface, or that the irrigation intensity is too large, should be timely to reduce the working pressure or change with a smaller diameter of nozzle, in order to reduce the intensity of spray irrigation.

    (5) at any time during the whole sprinkler irrigation, the uniformity of irrigation should be monitored. When necessary, the rainfall tube should be uniformly arranged on the spraying area, and the combination evenness of sprinkler irrigation should be measured, and the value should be greater than or equal to 0. 8. If the measured uniformity is poor, it can be used to improve the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation in the irrigation season..

    (6) in the operation of the operation should strictly comply with the operating rules, pay attention to safety, especially to prevent the tongue spray to the charged line, and should pay attention to the mobile tube when avoiding the line, in case of leakage accident.

    (7) during the operation, should always check the various parts of the sprinkler system, after the completion of each irrigation to the machine, pump, nozzle cleaning, rotating parts should be timely refueling derusting, winter time run out to the pump and tube memory water do, to prevent frost crack.

    (8) end of the irrigation season or sprinkler irrigation equipment long-term when not in use, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the sprinkler system nozzle should be demolished decomposition, check that the hollow shaft, shaft sleeve, a gasket and other rotating parts whether there is abnormal wear and damage the parts should be repaired or replaced in time. The system clean, in the hollow shaft, shaft sleeve, a spring rocker, rocker shaft, sector machinery etc. oiled, and then installed; the worm and worm wheel (impeller) nozzle should clean and inspect the worm, gear and the hollow shaft, shaft sleeve and oiled, installed; water stored in the pipeline to make, the antirust layer off shall be repaired and mobile hose should be washed clean after fully dry, after packing all the equipment should be kept in the drying room.

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