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    Agricultural irrigation sprinkler system which is divided into several types
    Time:2016-8-27 10:16:48                  Click:1147

    Obtained by way of pressure, sprinkler systems can be divided into mechanical pressure system and self-pressure system.
    According to the characteristics of the system configuration, drip irrigation system can be divided into the pipeline and unit type. Pipeline is divided into fixed and semi-fixed and semi-fixed, mobile three kinds.
    (1) Fixed: refers to all the pipes are buried in the ground (or ground), easy to use, suitable for high economic value, labor tensions, irrigation times more crops. But its utilization is not high per acre investment is high, and because in the field, equipped with sprinklers standpipe, agricultural machinery operation will be affected.
    (2) semi-permanent: refers to the dry pipe fixed, manifold may be moved to make the cost lower, but the use of labor to spend more.
    (3) winding irrigation machine: refers to the dry pipe, pipes, pumps can be mobile use, investment most provinces, but most use when flower workforce.
    Since sprinkler irrigation systems used on ships crop year only 2-10 times a sprinkler system pipe branch in working time only a few dozen hours, dry pipe work only a few hundred hours, low capacity utilization, the semi-fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation system is the direction of development.
    Unit sprinkler system, high integration, supporting integrity, good mobility, high capacity utilization and high production efficiency advantages, a high degree of agricultural mechanization countries tend to adopt such a system.
    Drip irrigation system type selection should pay attention to local conditions, pay attention to the practice of economic, Europe and other developed countries, we can learn from. For example, due to the sparsely populated Midwest, most of the use of the stylus is sprinkling machine, turn around dozens of hours, thousands of acres of land sprayed. The densely populated countries in Europe, with an average per square kilometer population of more than 400 people, similar to eastern China, only a few acres scale farmers, mostly using a mobile sprinkler units, all devices can be loaded with a car by the "Transition . "
    When the pin currently mainly large sprinkler irrigation machine, in our country to maintain about 5,000 Taiwan, mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Hebei, Shandong, Beijing, Anhui and other provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions ), irrigation area of 250 hectares, with an average of 500 acres each.

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